How to treat an escort

Before you arrange for an appointment with an escort, you need to do plenty of research, especially as a newbie. The process for searching for the perfect escort is long and tiresome, but nothing is more confusing than not knowing how to act when you are with them for the first time

Here are some actions you should implement during your appointment with the escort

Safety – Health is a number one priority for you and the escort. This means that you should always disclose your health information when booking an escort whether independent or working with an agency. Do not try to ask for bareback services or have sex without protection because it might cost you or the escort their health.

Respect – Remember, this is a human being just like you and me, just in a different profession, trying to make it in life. Don’t treat your escort like they are prostitutes or less than you are. Treat this like you would any other person in a relationship.

Romance – You are not allowed to develop any feelings for your escort. Remember, you are paying for these services, the main goal is for them to keep you company and help fulfil your fantasies. Your lives outside that are different and should not collide.

Refunds – In most cases, when you hire an escort, you state your expectations first and they set their prices. Once they give you all services agreed upon, you ae supposed to pay in full. If you feel you are not satisfied with the services, of the escort did not fulfil all the needs agree upon, you can be eligible for a refund after you have a talk with the agency. Otherwise, you should not ask for refunds without good reason.

Negotiation – negotiation depends on the type of escort you are looking for. independent escorts work o their own, which means their prices are cheaper and it easier to negotiate. Regardless, it is good etiquette not to haggle over a certain set price with the escort since it is a source of living for them. It is impossible to negotiate with escorts that work with agencies since the prices are standard for specific services.

Hygiene – Just like you expect the escort to show up clean and looking good, you should do the same. Never show up to a meeting all smelly and dirty. Freshen up, dress nice and wear good cologne/perfume when meeting up with the escorts.

Boundaries – In this business, setting and living up to boundaries is very important. Boundaries set the difference between professionalism and friendship in this business. ensure you read all terms and conditions of an agency before you hire any escorts to know the limits set. Don’t ask for more than you paid for when you are with an escort.

Expectations – there are cases where clients meet the escorts, and they are not what they expected. In such scenarios, it is best to contact the agency and let them know. Don’t be mean to the escort because of issues they cannot control. Contacting the agency can get you a better resolution like a refund or a new escort that will fulfil the service better.

Disclosure – If you are planning on using the escort services for a while, you need to keep everything discrete. Don’t do anything that will compromise your identity and the escorts identity to family and friends. A good agency or escort relationship with the client is created by being discrete.