How to ensure an escort accepts your gig – a guide for first timers

Contacting an escort for the first time is not easy; you have to be ready for any kind of response. Chances are, you may get turned down the first time you do it.

While it may look and feel inconsistent of the escorts to run down new clients, this is just a protocol most of them adhere to so they can keep themselves safe.

Here are some things you can do to ensure an escort accepts a gig

Ensure your information passes the check

Escort agencies and independent escorts have a screening process that allows them to take extra caution with the clients. it entails taking personal information from you before you can start the scheduling process. They will need basic information like e address, name, telephone number, and other common details. 

They may ask for more depending on how you answer the question. If the agency or escort determines that the information seems consistent, they will accept your gig. The escort needs to rely on what you say as the truth so they don’t work with clients who are a security risk to them.

Be forthcoming with the information

Escorts ask questions for their own security and discretion. They in no way need it to get in your business because they don’t care about that. if you hesitate to answer of refuse to answer, this will be taken as a warning sign for them.

 An escort can’t tell whether you are trying to keep the information private or hiding information on purpose. Answering the questions willingly and cooperatively will increase the chances of you getting in their potential list of bookings.

Have a clean slate

Issues like speeding tickets will not affect your application process for an escort in many escort agencies. People who have committed violence, assault, burglary and other crimes are automatically blacklisted from any escort agency.

If the agency learn that you habitually commit suspect behaviour like over drinking or drug addiction, they will not want to be associated with you. Escorts and their agencies don’t want to be associated with people who go against the law.

You should be easy to locate

Regardless of how they operate, all escort agencies would like to have an easy screening process. Time is of the essence, and agencies can’t take up time looking into one client when they have a list of other clients waiting. 

Ensure you are an active member of the community such that it can be easy to search for and legitimize your business. if agencies can’t find anything about you, they will become more suspicious and reject your gig.

Here are some things you can do to change your

Sometimes, a small mistake may come up during the screening process. If it is nothing major, you can make an effort to explain yourself to the agency.  Be honest about all your issues; you should let them know your criminal history upfront to show them you are not hiding anything. Explain your situation if you feel that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Never offer to pay more money than you have to just because you have issues, remember the extra security is needed to keep the escorts safe.